What Are The Owen Brown Village Covenants?

The Covenants are binding legal obligations between the Owen Brown Community Association and each lot owner in the village. They “run with the land,” as part of your deed of ownership, which means the obligation transfers to all successive owners. You should have received the Owen Brown Covenants within days of signing the contract for your new home. Our Covenants assure residents of certain standards for land use, architectural design, and property maintenance throughout the village. They also provide you membership in the Owen Brown Community Association and establish the mechanism for the operation of that association.

Why Do We Have Architectural Guidelines?

The goal of the Covenants is to keep our community an attractive, desirable place in which to live, and to protect property values. The Guidelines function as a practical application of the Covenants, so that residents know what is typically allowed and/or expected with regard to the exterior maintenance or changes to their home and property. 

Selling Your Home in Owen Brown?

If you are selling your home in Owen Brown, you will need to provide your buyer with the governing documents of the Association, which is commonly referred to as a resale packet.  This packet  can be downloaded for free on this page (see below). Or, if you prefer, a hard copy of the whole set can be purchased at our office for $25.  The packet will include the governing documents for the Owen Brown Community Association (Deed, Charter, By-laws and the Architectural Guidelines), as well as the governing documents for the Columbia Association (see link below to download for free).

Often buyers will request a letter of compliance, which is an inspection of your home to determine if there are any maintenance violations or unapproved alterations on your property .  An application can be download below or picked up at our office.  This is a free service that the Association provides.

Lastly, if you live in a townhome or condominium community, you will need to check with your individual homeowner's association to obtain any resale documents or fees due information. The Columbia Association (CPRA) assessment fees (annual and outstanding payments) can be obtained from the CA assessment office at (410) 715-3137 or by emailing   annualcharge@columbiaassociation.org 

Upcoming RAC Meetings

  • Wednesday, April 8, 2020
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020
  • Wednesday, May 14, 2020

All Meetings start at 7:30 PM

Upcoming RAC Meeting Agenda

RAC Agenda for 4-8-20 (pdf)


Last RAC Meeting Results

RAC Results for 3-25-20 (pdf)


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