Owen Brown History

Owen Brown is named for a postmaster and store owner. Mr. Owen Brown operated a store on what is now the intersection of Route 108 and Manor Lane. The name was initially just a working title for the development, but the name stuck, according to a book by Missy Burke, Robin Emirch and Barbara Kellner, titled "Oh You Must Live Columbia! The origins of place names in Columbia, Maryland." The Owen Brown Community Association was created in May of 1972 and the first residents moved into the Village in 1973. Owen Brown was the 5th village developed in Columbia.

Owen Brown Neighborhoods

Dasher Green

This Neighborhood is named for the Dasher Family. George and Irvin Dasher owned close to 700 acres along Oakland Mills Road. In 1963 the Dashers sold 670 acres to the Rouse Company but retained enough to land to continue their beef and grain operation. The farm continued until the late 1970's. The Dasher brothers sold the land except for two homesteads. Irvin died in 1984 and George in 1991. Their wives Grace and Marie remained in their homes until 1993. Grace sold her home and property which became a townhouse development with streets named Cradlerock Farm Court and Dasher Farm Court. Marie sold her land to Patriot Homes which built single family residences and named the street Dasher Court. 


This neighborhood name comes from the Elkhorn Branch of Little Patuxent River. The river was dammed in 1973 to create Lake Elkhorn, Columbia's third and largest lake.  Click on the box below to view some amazing photos of Lake Elkhorn shot by an Owen Brown resident.


Laswell's Hopewell was an original land grant planted to Thomas Davis, Sr. in 1728 for 200 acres. 

Lake Elkhorn Moods